(Updated) 3 Reasons I Invested In Agility Scales Startup

This month I became an investor in AgilityScales startup. Thanks to the crowdfunding platform Seedrs, the process itself was quick and easy. Here are 3 reasons why I decided to support the project:

1. I’ve got impressed with Jurgen Appelo’s and Agility Scales team efforts over past 6 months. Developing the right product and building the healthy community were top priorities since day 1. The progress is fantastic!

2. There is already a beta version of the App then I’ve been using in my work as well as hundreds of early adopters. Just imagine the growth once it’ll be publicly available.

3. The company mission is something I integrate with.  Helping people to build vigorous, competitive and #adaptive #organizations is more important now than ever.

Crowdfunding campaign ends just in few days on Jan 31st, 2018. Take a look now or you will miss it: https://goo.gl/eA4Npq

Update from Jan 23rd

I’ve got exciting news today that Agility Scales just secured additional EUR 250K from Wemanity,  Agile and Digital transformation agent. Read more on https://blog.agilityscales.com/eur-250k-investment-in-agility-scales-from-partnership-with-wemanity-ecbc84190024


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